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  Kitchen-Angels offer customized dining experience to make any event uniquely special. We can orchestrate and personalize your menu from starters down to desserts.
  Got a special occassion in mind? Book your reservations now and we will be happy to assist you. Call us at 08456 447769 so we can discuss your event immediately.
Dinner in the Sky
Bedouin Themed Party
Dinner in the Sky 2
Fancy having a unique dinner party?

Kitchen Angels can tailor any event according to what you fancy. Recent events we catered include the launch of Dinner in London, Moroccan Themed Party in Bedouin Tent, and 10-Course Food Tastings in Foxes Manor.

Unique Events:
  • Dinner in the Sky!
  • Food Tastings in Foxes Manor
  • Themed Party in Bedouin Tents
  • Contact us today to discuss your Special Dinner Party!

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